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My New/Old Camera.

January 11, 2011
I’m pretty excited about this. I was visiting my Mom this weekend and was blabbing on about photography and how I’m such a beginner and how much I’m starting to learn and what an amazing art form it is. I really have a strong desire to get better at this. Anyway she said she wanted to give me something and produced this lovely Minolta X-700 from 1983. The lens was of course purchased separately around the same time and I think it’s the center piece of the camera’s over all awesomeness. She said she hadn’t used it in years and it was mine to keep. I was of course delighted and my delight soon turned in to being daunted by actually learning not only how to use an SLR camera (my first) but figuring out how to shoot on film.  So after a quick trip to Richmond Camera in Charlottesville and spending $25 on a couple of new batteries and some stuff they called “film” and I’m ready… and a little paralyzed at the same time. Wish me luck. I know it’ll be a fun learning process.

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