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My experience with Comcast in the last few days. @comcastcares

May 29, 2010

Before I tell you the story of the last few days let me first say I’ve had Comcast highspeed internet for a year and a half and it has been very reliable. Not once have I had an outage that wasn’t fixed by a simple rebooting of my rented modem. I appreciate that. Now on to my experience. It started when I got my new bill. It was over $60 which is about $15 over what I had been paying. I called to inquire about the increase and was told that I had been mistakenly charged the price for Internet access when it is bundled with another service. So without notice, my bill was raised. They said that they increased my speed to a very high rate at no extra charge which I took as sort of a smoke screen. I felt unsatisfied with all of this so I decided to do what I had seen other people do as of late. I tweeted Comcast to there account @comcastcares. I was pleasantly surprised to get an answer back quickly. The person at Comcast sent me an email address to use to send my complaint. I did so and once again was pleasantly surprised to get a response the next day. I was called by a very lovely local person who offered me a nice solution to the problem. She would lower my monthly bill for Internet service to $24.99! It was a promotional rate that would only last a year but I was cool with that. There was a catch however: I would have to have basic (just networks and PBS) cable installed in my home. I don’t really watch much tv. Our tv is there basically for DVDs. Every once in a while I’ll want to watch something on tv and for that we have a digital converter box that the government helped me buy about a year ago. It works great and it’s free. That being said I didn’t really want basic cable but if it’s what I needed to get an overall lower monthly premium on my bill so be it. I’m game let’s do it. So the next step was scheduling an appointment with Comcast. The appointment was today and the Comcast tech was supposed to show up between 11am and 2pm. Up to this point I had been really thrilled with Comcast. I had a problem and they seemed to be doing everything they could to remedy it. My faith was really being restored. So at about 10:40 this morning I get a second automated call from them confirming my appointment. “Great” I think, “they’re really on the ball. They’re really going to do it!”. 11 o’clock, 12 o’clock, 1 o’clock, 2 o’clock, no Comcast. So at 2:30 I call and ask what was going on. The operator says that the technician has already been here and the job is done. What?! I only have Internet access therefore only one cord running into the house. I needed a splitter to be installed inside so one cord could go to the tv and one to the modem. This was all planned in the call that was made to scedule the appointment. The operator said that she would dispatch the technician to come back to my house. Well here I am at 3:45 still waiting on something that I didn’t even want in the first place! I thought I could make it to the gym. Nope. I thought I could take my kids who I’ve been watching all day to the park. Nope. Just waiting on comcast to fix a problem that arose because of there mistake. So Comcast you’ve come a long way. You got it to the 1 yard line but fumbled the ball. I’m not happy.

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