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Share with FlickrTab on Facebook

February 15, 2010

via Flickr Blog by Cris Stoddard on 1/20/10


Lots of members ask, “How do I share my Flickr photos on Facebook?” The solution is growing taller than a redwood tree in the App Garden. Developer Hoss Etemad created FlickrTab, a Facebook application that lets you display your Flickr photostream as a tab on your profile, including your sets or collections. The app selects only your public photos in your Flickr account, too, so that private photos stay private for viewing on Flickr only.


Not only does FlickrTab display your photostream, sets, or collections on your profile, it also enables your Facebook friends to comment on your photos on Facebook. Of course, your photos link back to their Flickr photo pages, so that people can leave comments on Flickr or add them to their Flickr favorites or galleries – it’s a whole new level of sharing, and as easy as visiting the Facebook app page and authenticating with your Flickr account. You choose the layout and the magic of the Flickr API does the rest!


But wait! There’s more! This versatile app can also automagically post your latest uploads to your wall, so that they appear on your friends’ news feeds. Woo hoo!

Of course, there’s the official Flickr-Facebook integration in your Flickr account settings, if you simply want your recent uploads to appear on your wall. Plenty more Facebook apps are growing in the App Garden, too, so get your gloves on and harvest a few apps.

Application by solomodels.

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