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Another great Civil War pic from the National Archives – General George G. Meade and Staff of Thirty-Four…

February 13, 2010

Original Caption: Gen. George G. Meade and staff of thirty-four. Recognized — Major Simon F. Barstow, Maj. James C. Biddle, Maj. John S. Billings (Surgeon), Col. Henry S. Burton, Capt. Craig, Lt. John R. Eddie, Gen Benj. F. Fisher, Col James T. Ghiselin (Surgeon), Gen. Andrew A. Humphreys, Gen. Henry J. Hurt, Gen. Rufus Ingalls, Capt. Wm. Jay, Maj. Theodore Lyman, Capt. Thomas A. McParlin, Capt. George Meade, Gen. Marsena R. Patrick, Capt. Charles E. Pease, Capt. Edward R. Platt, Maj. Wm. Riddle, Capt. Frederick Rosenkrantz, Col. George Sharp, Col. Thomas Wilson, and Gen. Wm. J. Worth.

Note: General George G. Meade and Staff of Thirty-Four. Recognized — Major Simon F. Barstow, Major James C. Biddle, Major John S. Billings (Surgeon), Colonel Henry S. Burton, Captain Craig, Lieutenant John R. Eddie, General Benjamin F. Fisher, Colonel James T. Ghiselin (Surgeon), General Andrew A. Humphreys, General Henry J. Hurt, General Rufus Ingalls, Captain William Jay, Major Theodore Lyman, Captain Thomas A. McParlin, Captain George Meade, General Marsena R. Patrick, Captain Charles E. Pease, Captain Edward R. Platt, Major William Riddle, Captain Frederick Rosenkrantz, Colonel George Sharp, Colonel Thomas Wilson, and General William J. Worth.

U.S. National Archives’ Local Identifier: NWDNS-111-B-27

From:: Series: Mathew Brady Photographs of Civil War-Era Personalities and Scenes, (Record Group 111)

Photographer: Brady, Mathew, 1823 (ca.) – 1896

Coverage Dates: ca. 1860 – ca. 1865

American Civil War, 1861-1865
Brady National Photographic Art Gallery (Washington, D.C.

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