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Brimstone Quadracycle: Hot rod quad

December 8, 2009

via Auto Motto by HarshPaul on 12/8/09

hot rod quad 3

The Brimstone Quadracycle is very much the powerhouse it looks like. Joe Skonecki, CEO of Brimstone Cycles had the wonderful idea that if you’re going to put four wheels on a vehicle, you might as well give it some real power and make most other ATVs feel like a sissy.

This one has an aluminum dart block, and the buyer may choose to get hold of options ranging from 300hp to 750hp, or even have the quad run on propane. The transmission is GM 700R4 4speed that sends power to a Ford rear end. The customer can choose from carbon fiber, Kevlar, or aluminum for the hood and fenders, and there’s an optional front wing that becomes necessary if you want to take the quad to speeds above 125mph.

Via: Brimstone Cycles/ TheKneeSlider

hot rod quad 2

hot rod quad

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