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Redesign Your Farmers’ Market Winners @cvcvo @jambutter

September 14, 2009
Posted by core jr |  8 Sep 2009


This just in: GOOD and Architect’s Newspaper have chosen the winners to their Redesign Your Farmers’ Market competition. There were lots of great ideas proposed by the 22 finalists, from hydroponic markets to refurbished train cars and rooftop urban farms. Read more about the winners below, and be sure to browse the site for more proposals.

The Winner: Farm on Wheels by Mia Lehrer + Associates, pictured above

Farm on Wheels is a program that brings locally grown produce to the people of L.A. County. The program selects fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers and distributes the produce through a network of farm trucks. To engage more people in the consumption of fresh foods and support local and urban agriculture, Farm on Wheels creates a simplified and convenient food distribution network between farmers and consumers.


First Runner-Up: The New City Center of Urban Farming by Im Studio mi/LA

The New City Center of Urban Farming (NCCUF) is the new information and food hub for the Los Angeles neighborhoods. This NCCUF and its four elements of demonstrative production (greenhouse), distribution (farmers market), processing (data center) and education (information center) centered around farming, both crops and data will feeding the new idea of rural and healthy living into metropolitan lifestyles.


Second Runner-Up: The Urban Field Farm Stop by BCV Architects

This entry contemplates an innovative urban distribution system for fresh farm product to urban centers. As a complement to the typical destination market, the Urban Field Farm Stop concept inverts the traditional preconception of “market” and envisions the entire city map as a kind of decentralized farmers market, an Urban Field of fresh farm product integrated directly with the mass transit circulation system of the city. Select bus stops along central bus routes are reinvented as individual Farm Stops within this citywide Urban Field network.


Hydroponic Farm(ers Market) by Michael Leung

In order to accommodate the increase of population in the San Francisco Bay Area the region will require a new infrastructure that can collect, distribute water, power, fuel, and good to accommodate the needs of residents and visitors.  Through the exploration of environmental phenomena present in the Bay Area, this project investigates the notion of fog collection, urban agriculture, and distribution of farmed goods in the surrounding regions of San Francisco.


And, finally, finalist Bureau E.A.S.T. really caught our eye with their Low Flow Farmers’ Market. There’s no description, but it looks like repurposed trailers meet a carnival in the dry bed of the Los Angeles River

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