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Serpent Electric Car Concept Gets Some Modularity, Serpentine Face

September 8, 2009

serpent electric concept car_01

We’d guess that it’s the carvings on its face that give the Serpent concept its name. The depressions surrounding the Alfa Romeoesque grill head on till the headlamps and give the car a certain snake-like appearance. Designer Guillermo Bautista’s concept has in-wheel electric motors to propel it forward, and is basically a two seat vehicle, though elastic surfaces in the rear can be pulled down to accommodate two more passengers, the car probably won’t be comfortable with that many people.

An “intelligent glass awning” on the concept changes its tonality with the sun rays, which probably would probably make its panoramic windscreen more resistant to sun rays and keep the cockpit from boiling up in the sun. The concept has touchscreen and tactile technology, plus a small camera at the rear to compensate for the lack of a wide rear screen.

serpent electric concept car_06

serpent electric concept car

serpent electric concept car_02
serpent electric concept car_03
serpent electric concept car_04
serpent electric concept car_05
serpent electric concept car_07
serpent electric concept car_08

Via: TDB

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